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Friday Find: Hidden Mickey at Disney's Aulani

Aloha! Just wanted to share a some of the fun Hidden Mickey's that can be found around Disney's Aulani resort. Some are "not so hidden" and some are little more creative. 

These first set of photos are some things that were found in our room.

These next set of photos are of things located within the Aulani Resort. 

There are a handful of Mickey Mouse shaped food items that you purchase around the Aulani. The shave ice is a favorite. You have to specifically order this size if you want the ears.



Friday Find: Copper Mickey & Minnie Molds

One of my favorite things in my kitchen is this set of Mickey Mouse and Minnie House Copper molds. I remember buying these at the Disneyland Market House (now Starbucks). In the mid-90s, the Market House use to carry a variety of Disney kitchenware that including decorative items like these copper molds.  

Mickey Mouse Copper Head

Mickey Mouse Copper Head

Minnie Mouse Copper Head

Minnie Mouse Copper Head

They were sold individually. They are purely decorative as opposed to real copper molds that one might use to make cakes. They are hollow on the back and it came with the decorative ring element so you could hand on the wall. 

It's fun to have these simple yet classic pieces adorn my kitchen. Mickey & Minnie keep me company while I make some yummy eats in the kitchen.

Happy Friday!


12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 4

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 4

Christmas Stockings

Here are our family Christmas stockings. The two on the left, Mickey & Minnie belong to MacSparky and me. The two on the right belong to my two kids. I bought the Mickey and Minnie stockings from the Disney store in the early 90's. They are pretty large. They have some fun appliqué details.

These next two belong to my kids. I bought the Tigger stocking in 1996, when my oldest daughter was born. I bought it from the Disney store. I was happy that the appliqué theme coordinated with the Mickey and Minnie stocking.

This next Christmas stocking was one that I purchased after my second daughter was born in 2001. I also got this one at the Disney Store. That year, this Snowman Mickey was their design theme. I also like the Mickey Mouse snowflakes that are on the cuff.

By the time my second daughter was born in 2001, Christmas stockings with the foot facing left were hard to come by. That is one of the reasons the Snowman Mickey stocking is a little bit smaller than the others. My choices were limited. I am not sure when left foot facing stockings were phased out but I just felt lucky enough to find one that matched the rest of our family. 

If you look at most of the character type Christmas stockings in the stores today, they are all right foot facing. How about yours?

My family loves to our Christmas stockings and looks forward to having them filled with goodies. We usually wake up Christmas morning and take turns to open our gifts that we have picked out for each other. Then we have breakfast. It is after that when we see what Santa left in our stockings. It is great fun to reach into out Christmas stockings and find all kinds of surprises. 

Ho! Ho! Ho!