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Music Monday: Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack

I still have Hawaii on the brain as we are just getting back from our family vacation. I was listening to the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. I was reminded that the character of Lilo, is a big Elvis fan, so that is why there are some classic Elvis tunes (Hound Dog and Heartbreak Hotel) in the movie. As a whole, the soundtrack makes for a really great summer party playlist. 



Music Monday: He Mele No Lilo

Happy August! 

Summer always reminds me of Hawaii which brings to mind Disney's 42nd Animated Classic  movie, Lilo and Stitch.  Released in the summer of 2002, the story begins in the Galactic Federation with an introduction to Experiment 626 (aka Stitch) who somehow ends up on the island of Kauai. The movie has a little bit of science fiction, adventure, comedy and drama, too. The other main character, Lilo, has a love of Elvis and those songs make up a big part of the movie. However, there are two original songs that were written for the movie. 

One of them is "He Mele No Lilo" which translates to "A song for Lilo." Written by Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu, this song is played during the opening credits of the movie. It should be noted that "opening credits" of the movie actually happen after the entire Galactic Federation -outer space sequence plays out. The song begins to play as Stitch finds himself on the island. The song is also our first introduction to Lilo.

One of my favorite things about this song is not only the traditional Hawaiian sounds but that the children who are singing are from the The Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus. It's also the voice of Hoʻomalu that you hear singing this opening song.

Hope you have some time to make some summer memories this week!



Music Mondays(Tues): Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Lilo & Stitch)

Music Monday...on this Tuesday. Sorry I thought I had automatically sent this to post and realized that did not happen. We had a busy wedding weekend to celebrate my niece's nuptials and now here we are today.....

The summer season has officially started. This year, our family will be lucky enough to vacation in Hawaii. It's about a 5-hr flight from Southern California and if you plan ahead, find the right airfare and accommodations, this tropical vacation is possible. Hawaii also reminds us that Lilo and Stitch's story takes place on this island. 

My family loves Lilo and Stitch with the latter being MacSparky's favorite Disney character. One of the original songs on the fun soundtrack is Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Alan Silvestri and Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu. It's a pretty fun song that incorporates Hawaiian lyrics.

There's no place I'd rather be
Than on the seashore dry, wet free
On golden sand is where I lay
And if I only had my way
I'd play til the sun sets
Beyond the horizon

Lalala i ka lā hanahana
Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one
It's time to try the Hawaiian Roller coaster ride

The original song was performed by Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu and the Kamehameha Schools children's chorus. There was also had a pop version recorded by Jump 5. It's a pretty fun and upbeat song.

I would recommend listening to the entire soundtrack as it is filled with great music. Lilo and Stitch love to listen to Elvis. There are some classics like Suspicious Minds and Devil in Disguise on CD. 


Aloha! Happy Music Monday...on this late Tuesday.