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Friday Find: Sampling of Cosplay at D23 Expo 2017

One of the most fun things to do at the D23 Expo is to people watch. Sure it's a great time to wear you favorite Disney shirt and ears but it's also the time to put on your best Disney themed costume. The Disney universe also encompasses the Star Wars and Marvel worlds. There are some people who wear traditional clothes of familiar Disney characters and there are some who create some entertaining interpretations of Disney characters. You'll also find people who are dressed as well-known Disney Park attractions or icons. Other go deep catalogue and create costumes from supporting or lesser known characters from a specific movie. 

Here are a few photos that my husband, MacSparky, and I took today. 

You can also search social media under the hashtag #D23expo and you'll find lots of photos of people at the expo all dressed up in their favorite Disney clothes/costumes. 

Happy (belated) Friday! 


What to pack for D23 Expo 2017

The time is has come. The D23 Expo has arrived and I am getting ready for so much Disney! Here are my thoughts about how and what to pack plus some things that I carry around. The main thing is to pack for yourself in regards to knowing what you will need to make it through the day and also what would be comfortable to carry around. 

Think like you are packing for a day trip to Disneyland or any other type of outing. Or have you ever been to a trade show, conference or any other type of expo? Think about the things that you might pick up from different vendors, booths, or Disney friends. Also consider what would be most comfortable for you to lug around all day. 

Here are some of my things that I am packing. 

My credentials (ticket) and lanyard. Can't forget my D23 card or any other membership cards.

I usually pack a little notebook to write stuff down in, pens, and sharpies. I also bring a file folder or something that I can put paper items that I don't want smashed or wrinkled. I bring a little plastic zipbag to put small items that vendors/booths might give away or for those little things that I might pick up.

Gotta keep hyrdated and charged. Here is my water bottle...I love my S'well bottle. Keeps water super cold all day. I also have my portable charger (by Anker) for my device. There is word going around to bring you light up magic item so I am packing my paint brush.

I pack some snacks because you'll get hungry and sometimes, you don't have time to sit and eat. I also have some toiletries that I like to bring in my personal bag. My favorite is this little mister bottle so I can give a little mist to feel refreshed. Don't forget some mints or gum. I picked up some fun pins to trade with some Disney friends. There is always some sort of pin trading going on.

Don't forget to pack business cards so you can stay in contact with people you meet. These are fun ones that I had ordered from Moo Prints. I was able to use my personal photos to be the front of the card. 

Sending pixie dust filled wishes your way!


Music Monday: Belle (from Beauty & the Beast)

One of my favorite Disney characters is Belle from the 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast (1991). We meet her at the very beginning of the movie with her song, Belle.  Written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman, epic song plays like an operetta-like production that reveals much about Belle's character. Disney Legend Paige O'Hara provided the acting and singing voice for Belle. 

A couple years ago, I was able to attend a D23 special presentation where Menken was on stage for about an hour and spoke of some of the stories behind his Disney songs. Watch this video (start at 12:33) and hear how the song Belle came to life. Initially, Ashmen and Menkin thought that this song was a little long and would not get a green light. 

Belle was nominated for for the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the 64th Academy Awards (1992). Another song from this movie would go on to win the actual Oscar for Best Original Song, Beauty and the Beast.  

Since the movie's debut 25 years ago, there has been a successful Broadway musical adaptation. There is a current Beauty and the Beast Musical that is on tour. The story and music remain timeless. The opening song, Belle, is really one of the most memorable scenes in the Disney animated film library.

One final note: There has been an on-going fan theory that there is a Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin connection in this particular song. The moment when Belle enters the bookshop and chooses a book that she has already read, she claims it is her favorite because of the "far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise." What do you think? Is it plausible?

Happy Music Monday!


3 of My Favorite Exhibits at the D23 Expo, 2015

There was a lot to see on the D23 Expo floor but these were the three (3) D23 Expo exhibits or displays that I personally enjoyed the most.  

1. John Lasseter's Hawaiian Shirts: The Studio Collection

John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios) is known for his extensive Hawaiian shirt wardrobe. He is usually photographed at events sporting a Hawaiian shirt that features his latest project. It really fun to see these particular Hawaiian shirts on display that documented the different Pixar movies in chronological order.

2. Uniqlo: Magic for All Collection

I discovered Uniqlo ("uni-klo") about a year ago when they opened a location at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa). So I was excited about the announcement that Uniqlo would be partnering with Disney for the Magic for All Collection. It was fun to actually see their booth at the D2e Expo where they had a huge offering of their new collection. The designs are fun and the price is reasonable.

Uniqlo had gathered 100 artist to help them with their Disney debut. The 100 artist display that was at the Uniqlo booth was really cool to see. You can see how some of the artist concepts were translated in to some of the apparel that was available. 

Most of the Magic for All collection is now available online

3. D23 Expo Design Challenge

D23 announced that they would host another Design Challenge for the 2015 D23 Expo. 

"D23 Expo Design Challenge will honor Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary by encouraging artists young and young-at-heart to depict Sleeping Beauty Castle. Twenty-three pieces of finalist artwork will be on display throughout the D23 EXPO weekend on the show floor, located in the Walt Disney Archives area" (D23 announcement, March 2015)

Image from D23. D23 Design Challenge Winner, Nuri A. 

Image from D23. D23 Design Challenge Winner, Nuri A. 

The photos do not capture the detail and love that was evident in each artist submission. There was variety in the preferred artist medium and tools used. That's what made this exhibit so interesting to see. What and how the artist came up with in regards to theme of the design challenge was so fascinating.

Again, these were my personal favorites. There was a lot to see. My family really enjoyed the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit from Walt Disney Imagineering. Many waited in line to walk through the Walt Disney Archives Presents - Disneyland: The Exhibit. A runner up for me was The Walt Disney Studios where they showcased their upcoming live action, animated, and Pixar films.  

It's just like Disney to make sure that most every exhibit and display on the Expo floor was created with much thought and details. I look forward to the D23 Expo 2017 and know that it will be even bigger yet just as exciting.

Hope some pixie dust finds it way to you!


4 Things I Learned From the D23 Expo

I was lucky enough to get the time and energy to attend the D23 Expo 2015. I went all 3 days and here are 4 things that I learned.

D23 Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center

D23 Expo was held at the Anaheim Convention Center

1. Disney is much more than Mickey Mouse

In the last 25 years, The Walt Disney Company has grown by leaps and bounds. With notable acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilms, the Disney family tree has many branches. Divisions like Disney Consumer Products and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts have grown side by side so their elaborate booths and presence on the show floor reflected that. In addition to Consumer Products and Parks and Resorts, here were the other parts of the Walt Disney Company that were featured at the D23 Expo:

Walt Disney Archives

The Walt Disney Disney Studio (Pixar & LucasFilms fall under this division)

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Citizenship

Disney | ABC Television Group


Disney Music Emporium

Disney Desk

Disney Interactive

Maker Studios

Disney Visa Card

The Walt Disney Company will continue to grow and evolve in order to position themselves as the leader in worldwide entertainment. They are not just about Mickey Mouse and the theme parks. They can really leverage all the members in their family tree in order to create magical experiences in film, television, music, consumer products, theme parks and resorts.

2. You Get to Hang Out with Fellow Disney Fans

Whether you are a fan of the theme parks, movies, or art, there were lovers of Disney from all over the world. I met people from Australia, Germany, Costa Mesa, Texas, and everything in between. Lots of fans planned their vacation around this event that included lots of Disneyland on the side. Everyone was wearing some kind of Disney apparel, costume or were Disney Bounding. We all had something in common, a love for Disney. 

Me and some dedicated Disney fans.

Me and some dedicated Disney fans.


3. You Get to Meet the People Who Make the Magic

D23 Expo was a place where you could meet the people behind the scenes who make the Disney magic happen. From Disney Legends, actors, and current animators, there were many opportunities to meet some of these people. I have to confess I had some fan girl moments. It was fun to briefly meet some of my favorite Disney Imagineers responsible for creating landmark theme park attractions. 

4. You Get to Hear About How They Make the Disney Magic

There were a variety of panels where you could hear a variety of people talk about their crafts and experiences. It was tough to make some choices but the opportunity to hear some behind the scene stories from first person point of view is so interesting. There were presentations and panels of all sorts of sizes and content. There was a new Walt Disney Archives stage that was a smaller venue with speakers who presented historical and intimate "peeks behind the magic." 

Pixar presentation at Walt Disney Studio area. 

Pixar presentation at Walt Disney Studio area. 

Whew! It was an exhausting but mot fun D23 Expo yet. D23 began in 2009 as a Disney fan club. The D23 Expo (conventions) are held every other year. I remember going to the first one and you could see everything in a couple hours, there were not many presentations yet, and the Disney family tree was still small. Each D23 Expo 2015 exploded with so many offerings. I'll be back for the D23 Expo in 2017.

Sending lots of pixie dust!


If you looking to see some great video and photo recaps of the D23 Expo 2015, check out Inside the Magic and Disney Examiner.